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221. Cost estimation of hypertension management based on home blood pressure monitoring alone or combined office and ambulatory blood pressure measurements.

J Am Soc Hypertens. Oct 2014;8(10):732-8.
PMID: 25418495 [Pubmed - indexed for MEDLINE]

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222. Cost Estimation Of Home Blood Pressure Monitoring Versus Combined Office And Ambulatory Measurements In Hypertension Management.

Value Health. Nov 2014;17(7):A481.
PMID: 27201402 PubMed-not-MEDLINE

223. Out-of-office blood pressure and target organ damage in children and adolescents: a systematic review and meta-analysis.

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224. Changing relationship among office, ambulatory, and home blood pressure with increasing age: a neglected issue.

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225. Thresholds for conventional and home blood pressure by sex and age in 5018 participants from 5 populations.

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226. Home blood pressure monitoring: primary role in hypertension management.

Curr Hypertens Rep. Aug 2014;16(8):462.
PMID: 24924993 [Pubmed - indexed for MEDLINE]

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227. European Society of Hypertension practice guidelines for ambulatory blood pressure monitoring.

J Hypertens. Jul 2014;32(7):1359-66.
PMID: 24886823 [Pubmed - indexed for MEDLINE]

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228. Cardiovascular disease, chronic kidney disease, and diabetes mortality burden of cardiometabolic risk factors from 1980 to 2010: a comparative risk assessment.

Lancet Diabetes Endocrinol. Aug 2014;2(8):634-47.
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229. Policy statement of the world hypertension league on noninvasive blood pressure measurement devices and blood pressure measurement in the clinical or community setting.

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230. Assessment of drug effects on blood pressure variability: which method and which index?

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231. Automated oscillometric blood pressure measurement in children.

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232. Reporting bias: Achilles' heel of home blood pressure monitoring.

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233. Reference frame for home pulse pressure based on cardiovascular risk in 6470 subjects from 5 populations.

Hypertens Res. Jul 2014;37(7):672-8.
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234. Is white-coat hypertension a harbinger of increased risk?

Hypertens Res. Sep 2014;37(9):791-5.
PMID: 24599009 [Pubmed - indexed for MEDLINE]

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235. Prediction of treatment-induced changes in target-organ damage using changes in clinic, home and ambulatory blood pressure.

Hypertens Res. Jun 2014;37(6):543-7.
PMID: 24572912 [Pubmed - indexed for MEDLINE]

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236. Blood pressure variability assessed by home measurements: a systematic review.

Hypertens Res. Jun 2014;37(6):565-72.
PMID: 24553366 [Pubmed - indexed for MEDLINE]

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237. Response to: nocturnal blood pressure dipping: systolic, diastolic or both?

J Hypertens. Mar 2014;32(3):700-1.
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238. Risk stratification by self-measured home blood pressure across categories of conventional blood pressure: a participant-level meta-analysis.

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239. Prognosis of white-coat and masked hypertension: International Database of HOme blood pressure in relation to Cardiovascular Outcome.

Hypertension. Apr 2014;63(4):675-82.
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240. Home blood pressure monitoring alone vs. combined clinic and ambulatory measurements in following treatment-induced changes in blood pressure and organ damage.

Am J Hypertens. Feb 2014;27(2):184-92.
PMID: 24190902 [Pubmed - indexed for MEDLINE]

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